Primary care: Chicago Medical Center would like to be your main source for regular medical care, ideally providing continuity and integration of health care services. All family physicians, and many pediatricians and internists, practice primary care.

Family care: Chicago Medical Center would like to provide the patient with a broad spectrum of preventive and curative care over a period of time and to coordinate all the care that the patient receives.

• Annual physicals
• School physicals
• Sports physicals
• Work physicals with Drug Panel
• Women’s Health-PAP smears and contraception
• Primary and preventive care
• Nutrition education
• Diabetes management

• Hypertension (high blood pressure) management
• Weight-loss counseling and management
• Management of anxiety
• Depression management
• Chronic disease management
• High cholesterol management
• Immunizations
• Pre-operative clearance

And More . . .

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