Important Things to Know

Urgent Care: Chicago Medical Center Provides Urgent Care by Licensed and Board Certified Urgent Care Doctor. Our state of the art facility is equipped with the latest equipment and on-site Laboratory.

Immediate Care: Chicago Medical Center also provides for Non Urgent Care, Primary Care work such as: physical exams for work physicals, STD testing, , Lab and Blood work, physical exams for school, camp and sports physicals.

Walk In Clinic: Chicago Medical Center offers Non Urgent Care or Immediate care services on a walk-in basis with no appointment needed. You will be treated by a licensed and trained medical doctor, not Physician Assistants or Nurse Practitioners. Our Physicians are Board-certified and experienced doctors who are experts in effective medical treatments.

Chicago Medical Center offer the following services:

• Immigration Exams                                                             • Abdominal pain

• Abrasions                                                                                • Allergic reactions

• Arthritis                                                                                   • Dizziness

• Diarrhea                                                                                  • Eye irritation

• Urinary tract infections                                                        • Infections

• High-density lipoprotein (HDL)                                         • Drug screens

• STD checks and Treatment                                                  • Pap smears

• Pregnancy verification                                                          • Weight management

• Sore throats and sinus infections                                        • Ear and eye infections

• Physical examinations                                                           • Vaccinations

• Sprains and strains                                                                • Headaches

• On Site Laboratory Testing                                                  • Diagnostic Testing

• Respiratory Infections                                                           • HIV/STD Testing

• Cuts to hands, feet, lips                                                         • Animal Bites

• Splinter, Staple, Stitch Application / Removal                 • Infections, Rashes

• Poison Oak, Poison Ivy                                                          • Infections, Rashes and Cold Sores

• Nail Injuries                                                                             • Call to see if we can perform a specific test

• and more