Do you do Pap Smear?2018-11-09T04:42:02+00:00


Do you do Allergy Testing?2018-11-09T04:41:39+00:00

Yes, We have most advanced 72 Allergen Testing.

Do I have to fast prior to doing blood work?2018-11-09T04:41:07+00:00

Yes, you must be fasting for at least 8 hours (water only). The blood must be drawn between 9am to 12am.

How long does it take for blood work results?2018-11-09T04:40:36+00:00

Usually, it takes one day.

Do you do Immunizations for Children?2018-11-09T04:39:30+00:00

Absolutely, we do Immunizations for Adults and Children.

What happens if i have allergies?2018-11-09T04:38:45+00:00

We offer the most advanced Immunotherapy treatment for both indoor and outdoor allergies

How long does it take for allergy testing results?2018-11-09T04:38:11+00:00

The whole process takes approximately 30 minutes.

Do you do Allergy Testing?2018-11-09T04:37:12+00:00

Yes, We have most advanced 72 Allergen Testing.

Do you offer employment exams?2018-11-09T04:36:44+00:00


Do you do on-site Suturing?2018-11-09T04:34:44+00:00


Do you offer QB-GYN?2018-11-09T04:34:13+00:00


What is the difference between PPO and HMO?2018-11-09T04:33:14+00:00

PPO, which stands for (Preferred Provider Organization) does not require referrals to see a specialist and you choose any doctor in network.

HMO, which stands for (Health Maintenance Organization) which is basically Managed Care, and they require you to join an IPA (Independent Physician Association) whereas all your health care is managed by your PCP (Primary Care Physician) and you must stay within your network.

I don’t have any insurance, what are my options?2018-11-09T04:32:17+00:00

We offer many programs for self pay, including office visits, Exams, Laboratory work, Dental Care.

How much is my co-pay?2018-11-09T04:31:44+00:00

Please call member services on the back of your insurance card, or customer service.

What insurance plans do you accept?2018-11-09T04:28:51+00:00

We accept Medicare, Medicaid , Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO, Cigna PPO, United Healthcare PPO, Aetna PPO, Medicaid HMO Plans:  (Meridian) (Illinicare) (Family Health Network).  We are in the process of Joining many more Managed Care + HMO Plans.

Do you have an Arabic Speaking Provider?2018-11-09T04:27:21+00:00


Do you have a Spanish Speaking Provider2018-11-09T04:27:03+00:00


Are you handicap accessible?2018-11-09T04:25:31+00:00


How much is my co-pay?2018-11-09T04:25:12+00:00

Please call member services on the back of your insurance card, or customer service.

Is your location accessible by public transportation?2018-11-09T04:24:44+00:00

Yes, Armitage bus (Route 73) just a few feet from our entrance.